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Norwood (1970) DVD

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NORWOOD 1970 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color

Starring: Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Joe Namath, Carol Lynley, Pat Hingle, Tisha Sterling, Dom DeLuise, Meredith MacRae, Sammy Jackson and Jimmy Boyd. Directed by Jack Haley Jr. Produced by Hal Wallis.

Starring the late, great Glen Campbell. Norwood Pratt (Campbell) has just finished his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps and is on his way home from Vietnam with his good buddy Joe (Joe Namath). A musician, his one great ambition is to appear on the radio program Louisiana Hayride.

Along the way, Norwood meets a variety of characters, including a flim-flam man (Pat Hingle), a hooker (Carol Lynley), a jaded would-be starlet (Tisha Sterling) and an “educated” dress wearing carnival hen.

However, the most important person that he meets is Rita Lee Chipman (Darby), the "right kind of girl," who is unfortunately an unwed, soon-to-be mother (in an age where this was uncommon and somewhat shameful). She supports him and is there when Norwood finally reaches the KWKH studio as his dream comes true.

Glen Campbell sings: "Ol' Norwood's Comin' Home," "The Repo Man," “Me And My Guitar,” "I'll Paint You A Song," "Down Home," "Everything a Man Could Ever Need."

“It’s ‘Goodtime Glen’ and ‘Super Joe’… doin’ what they do best!”