The Naked Maja 1959 DVD Ava Gardner Anthony Franciosa Goya in love! Directed by Henry Koster

The Naked Maja (1959) DVD Ava Gardner, Anthony Franciosa

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The Naked Maja (1959) Color Approx. 107 min. Playable in the US Re-mastered print. With optional English subtitles (for HOH). Shown in its original theatrical aspect: 2:35 : 1.

Starring: Ava Gardner, Anthony Franciosa, Amedeo Nazzari Written by Norman Corwin, Giorgio Prosperi, Oscar Saul, Talbot Jennings Cinematographer: Giuseppe Rotunno Director: Henry Koster

Love takes precedence over art and politics as Spanish painter Goya (Anthony Franciosa) pines for an aloof duchess (Ava Gardner).

“Now she is yours...the matchless...the shameless beauty who lives forever as The Naked Maja!”