The Long Hot Summer 1985 Don Johnson Cybill Shepherd Jason Robards Ava Gardner William Faulkner

The Long Hot Summer (DVD) 1985 Don Johnson and Cybill Shepherd

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The Long Hot Summer 1985 (DVD) Two-disc set Color Beautiful print. (Region One - Playable in the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Over three hours on 2 DVDs

Starring: Don Johnson, Cybill Shepherd, Jason Robards, Ava Gardner, Judith Ivey, William Russ, Wing Hauser. Written by Rita Mae Brown and Dennis Turner.  Based on short stories by William Faulkner. Directed by Stuart Cooper

The made-for-TV The Long Hot Summer was based on the short stories of William Faulkner. Don Johnson plays Ben Quick, a Southern drifter who is under suspicion as a 'barn burner.' Ben secures a job at the Mississippi mansion of town-boss Will Varner (Jason Robards). Varner's daughter Noel (Judith Ivey) and daughter-in-law Eula (Cybill Shepherd) vie for the handsome Ben's attention, while the patriarch's weakling son Jody (William Russ) seethes. When a few local barns are burned, Ben is the primary suspect-and no one is more suspicious than Noel.