GUNPOINT DVD 1966 Audie Murphy Warren Stevens Joan Staley Widescreen Beautiful print

GUNPOINT (DVD) 1966 Audie Murphy,Joan Staley, Edgar Buchanan, Denver Pyle and Morgan Woodward

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GUNPOINT (DVD) 1966 Color Approx. 84 min Beautiful print. (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Starring: Audie Murphy, Joan Staley, Warren Stevens, Edgar Buchanan, Denver Pyle, Morgan Woodward, Royal Dano Written by Mary Willingham & Willard W. Willingham Produced by Gordon Kay Directed by Earl Bellamy

Near the Wild West town of Lodgepole, Colo., Sheriff Chad Lucas (Audie Murphy) gets shot during a train robbery -- not by the robbers, but by his jealous deputy, Cap. Hold (Denver Pyle), who believes he should be sheriff. Left to die, Chad rallies and goes off in search of the train robbers. Tracking them down in New Mexico, Chad and saloon owner Nate (Warren Stevens) chase after gang leader Drago (Morgan Woodward), who has taken Chad's ex-lover Uvalde (Joan Staley) as a hostage.

"The story of a town with a gun in its back !"