Clutch 1998 DVD David Hewlett Tanya Allen Tom Green Chris Grismer Carlo Rota Dark Canadian comedy

Clutch (1998) DVD David Hewlett, Tanya Allen, Tom Green - a film by Chris Grismer

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Clutch (1998) DVD Color Shown in 1.34:1 aspect ratio  Approx. 79 min. Region One - Playable in the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.

Starring: David Hewlett, Tanya Allen, David Fox, Tom Green, Ellen-ray Hennessey, Matt Hopkins, Carlo Rota, Peter Spence and Gordon Michael Woolvett Produced by Allison Lewis and Chan D. Park Written and directed by Chris Grismer.

A man learns an unexpected lesson about the power of the written work in this dark independent comedy from Canada. Martyn (David Hewlett) is a young man who seems to be devoting his life to going to college; he's persuaded into stealing a rare and valuable book, but the burglary goes awry and Martyn is forced to kill a book dealer (Carlo Rota) when he tries to hold on to the previous volume. Martyn now has to make a getaway, get rid of the body, and deliver the purloined letters, but there's a problem -- his car won't start. Martyn finds Theresa (Tanya Allen), a beautiful female auto mechanic, and persuades her to fix his vehicle. She agrees, but Martyn soon realizes that her boyfriend is the man he's just murdered. Theresa soon catches on that Martyn has stolen the book and displays a greater interest in his ill-gotten literature than her boyfriend's death or repairing the car. Clutch also features comic Tom Green in a small role as a "computer gimp"; it was his first appearance in a feature film.

“Murder, Theft, Engine Trouble...”