40 Guns to Apache Pass DVD 1967 Audie Murphy Forty Guns to Apache Pass Beautifully re-mastered

40 Guns to Apache Pass (DVD) 1967 - Audie Murphy & Michael Keep

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40 Guns to Apache Pass (Forty Guns to Apache Pass) 1967 Color Widescreen (enhanced for 16:9) Beautifully re-mastered.

Starring: Audie Murphy, Michael Keep, Michael Burns, Kenneth Tobey, Laraine Stephens Produced by Grant Whytock Written by Willard W. Willingham and Mary Willingham Directed by William Witney

In 1868 Arizona the Apaches, led by Cochise (Michael Keep), are on the warpath. U.S. Army Captain Bruce Coburn (Audie Murphy) is tasked with protecting settlers on their way to Apache Wells. A group of mutinous soldiers, led by corporal Bodine (Kenneth Tobey), make Coburn's task more difficult, as Bodine and four others steal a cache of  weapons and desert. Captain Coburn manages to return to Apache Wells where he vows to capture Bodine and his fellow deserters. A race against time ensues.

He had to get the guns through ... if he had to take on the whole Apache nation to do it!