Showdown 1963 DVD Audie Murphy Kathleen Crowley LQ Jones Playable in US Digitally restored Rare

Showdown (1963) DVD Audie Murphy, Kathleen Crowley, Skip Homeier, L.Q. Jones and Strother Martin

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Showdown 1963 DVD B&W 80 min. (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Starring: Audie Murphy, Kathleen Crowley, Charles Drake, Harold J. Stone, Skip Homeier, L.Q. Jones, Strother Martin. Directed by R.G. Springsteen. Digitally re-mastered.

Chris Foster (Audie Murphy) and Bert Pickett (Charles Drake) are two drifters who are passing through a nasty border town. There, a drunken Bert gets into a brawl at a card game and punches the town sheriff. Chris tries to help Bert get away but the sheriff arrests both men. The town doesn't have a jail and the sheriff usually chains the prisoners by the neck to a wooden post in the town square. Bert and Chris, wearing iron collars around their necks, are chained to the post with the town drunk (Strother Martin) and the violent gang of famous wanted outlaw Lavalle (Harold J Stone). The outlaws have more to lose than Bert and Chris and they force the duo to help them all escape.

“Enemies Chained Together Like Mad Dogs!”